GospelSongwriter.Com (GSC) helps Gospel singers connect with Gospel songwriters via our Writers Directory so the singers can review and request songs from the songwriters.

Are you a Gospel songwriter? Would you like to be listed in our Writers Directory?

Our directory is free and simple to use. Below we explain how it works and how you may apply to be listed in our directory, if you and your Demo Webpage qualify. Be sure to read ALL our requirements, you must apply accordingly and if you fail to do so your request will be rejected and deleted without reply from our administrator Mickey Mixon.

How It Works

We have names of Gospel songwriters listed and hyperlinked in our directory and categorized by their primary Gospel songwriting style.

Singers enter our directory and click on the name of a writer, which takes the singer to the Demo Webpage of the writer.

The writer’s demo page is located on a different website, not GSC.

The writer’s demo page includes a music player which contains original Gospel songs the singer can review.

The writer’s demo page includes either the writer’s contact form or email address the singer can use to contact the writer and inquire about songs.

The singer and songwriter take it from there. GSC only helps make the connection via our directory.


You must agree to abide by all of our requirements, listed below.


You must be a citizen of and reside within the United State of America. We are not familiar with international music law thus we only work with USA writers.

Demo Webpage

You must have a personal Demo Webpage we can list and hyperlink in our directory. Your demo page must contain the following:

A picture of you, by yourself. You must be presentably dressed and with your eyes unobstructed unless you wear prescription eyewear.

A music player that contains the audio of at least three Gospel songs you personally wrote and/or co-wrote. The audio of each Gospel song needs to contain at least one vocalist and one musical instrument.

A personal contact form or personal email address must be easily visible and accessible via your page by which singers can use to contact you.

A brief bio about yourself and your songwriting and music ministry.

Note: we will not link to a demo page that contains a picture of a scantily dressed person.

Gospel Songwriter

You must be a Gospel songwriter. Our directory is not for secular songwriters, nor is it for music publishers, record companies, producers or any such like.

Our directory is not for lyricists or composers; you must create both the lyric and the accompanying melody for your songs.


You may be listed in our directory if you own your publishing.

If you publish songs of other writers you may not pitch their songs to our singers. You are prohibited from and will be removed from our directory, without notice, for doing so.

You may pitch your Gospel songs to our singers if your songs are signed with a publishing company but you are prohibited from informing your publisher about our singers. You will be removed from our directory, without notice, for doing so.

Obvious Gospel

Your songs in your music player, and that you submit to our singers, must be Obvious Gospel containing the Gospel message and Christian vernacular.

By requesting to be listed in our directory you are agreeing to only post and pitch “Gospel” songs you have written or co-written.


Your demo webpage does not qualify to be listed or remain in our directory if your player contains secular songs.

Secular songs are strictly prohibited. You must agree to not pitch secular songs to our singers. Posting and submitting secular songs is automatic cause for removal from our directory and possible disbarment without notice.

If you write both Gospel and secular songs then we suggest you create a webpage just for your Gospel songs you would like to have listed in our directory.


We do not approve nor list the demo page of a co-writing team. We make an exception for a husband and wife writing team.

While you may coauthor songs with other writers, each writer must have his/her own demo page in order to be listed in our directory.

If you have a cowriter then your cowriter may apply but cowriters may not apply together.

Coauthored Songs

You may pitch your coauthored songs to our singers as long as you have your cowriter’s permission and your cowriter is clearly aware you are doing so.

You must explain and the coauthor must understand that GSC has no obligation, legal or otherwise, to the coauthor.

Email Address

You must have your own, personal email address. Third-party email addresses are prohibited. We will delete your request, without notification, if your email address is suspect or includes content that might suggest it is not your personal email address.

You must have an email address that is not related to your employment, business, school or such like. We have had problems in the past with such. Some employers do not appreciate us emailing their employee at work.

AOL email addresses do not qualify. We have had too many issues with AOL.

You can have a separate email address just for this service if you wish, but we will delete your request, without notification, if your email address is related to any business, school, AOL or any suchlike.

Approved Sender

We do not accept writers who require us and our singers to be approved before submitting email. We understand Spam control but being pre-approved is not practical for this service.

Your request will be automatically rejected, without notification, should you require pre-approval.

The singers who use our service do not have the time nor desire to be pre-approved in order to contact you about your songs. It is counterproductive.


Your information must be kept updated with GSC at all times, especially your phone number and email address. Failure to do so is cause for cancelation without notice.

Email List

If you are approved you will be required to subscribe to our email list. Subscription instructions will be provided.


The styles most of the singers, who use our directory, are Southern Gospel, Country Gospel, Black Gospel and Lite Contemporary Gospel. We do not advertise to or attract other styles so if your primary writing style is not one of these four styles then it will most likely prove to be impractical to add you to our directory.


Our administrator, Mickey Mixon, believes the writers listed in our directory reflect on GSC thus he appreciates writers conducting themselves in a professional, Christian manner especially when utilizing GSC and dealing with our staff, writers and singers. To do otherwise is cause cancellation without notice.

No Solicitation

Business, product or service solicitation is prohibited between our writers and singers. That is not what GSC is for. Violation is cause for cancellation without notice.

Administrator Reply

GSC is about communicating and networking. Mickey stays in contact with the singers and songwriters who use this service. If you are approved you are agreeing to and committing to replying to Mickey when he or his staff contacts you for whatever reason.

Deliberate failure to reply is automatic cancellation without notification. The exemption is illness and emergencies that may prevent reply.


GSC makes no guarantee and does not vet who uses it service.

GSC does not provide endorsements of singers or songwriters.

GSC cannot and will not be liable, legal or otherwise, for any possible copyright infringement in any form nor for any reason.

GSC cannot and will not be liable for any royalties for any songs employed by the singers who use our service.

GSC cannot and will not be liable for internet connection issues or any content that may be interrupted, lost or deleted due to internet, server and/or email issues.

Personal Submission

The request to be listed in our directory must be personally submitted by the writer that is interested, not by a family member nor friend nor office personal nor anyone else. Submissions by anyone other than the writer is invalid and will be deleted without reply.


You must complete and submit our Directory Request Form. By submitting a Directory Request you confirm you read, accept and are in agreement with and will abide by all our requirements at all times.

If you are approved and you fail to abide by our requirements then you will be removed from our directory without notice and possibly disbarred.

Our requirements are subject to change and will be posted on GSC so please revisit GSC from time to time for possible updates.

Demo Page

Go here if you do not have a demo webpage.

Request Form

Access our Directory Request Form here.