G-team Kudos

Kudos from Gospel songwriters who use our service.

I have been part of the GospelSongwriter.Com G-team for over five years. I have over 35 cuts from the leads of this service. I am very pleased and proud to say I am part of this team. Let me give you just a couple of examples of what GospelSongwriter.Com has done for me this year. My song “He Holds The Scars” (co-written with Fawn Jacobs another G-team member) was cut two times. I am co-writing with an artist that I pitched some songs to from a G-team lead. Over all there just seems to be more friendships and relationships with artists and groups that are seeds that will reap a harvest of great things for my ministry for years to come. May God Bless you Mickey and the ministry of GospelSongwriter.Com.

Mark Hawkins

I have been very pleased with the amount of success that has been offered to me through the leads of GospelSongwriter.Com. I had several songs recorded already and some artists who purchased recording rights for my songs. I had about a dozen recording rights sold in my first year with GospelSongwriter.Com. Dr. Brandon Tiek of the 3rd Row Boys recorded “She’s Watching Me” and “Glory Days”, and Mike Anderson recorded “On My Knees”. Mickey has been very professional and always helpful to answer any questions or concerns I may have regarding the leads provided by GospelSongwriter.Com. I highly recommend GospelSongwriter.Com to Gospel songwriters who want to present their music to a vast majority of singers and musicians. The leads are there and success is determined by one’s ambition. Follow the leads and find your success today!

Bishop Scott A. Demers

I want to thank Brother Mickey for the hard work and time in searching out the singers. You are all a blessing in spreading the hope message in song. Over the years I have been blessed to have many songs recorded through GospelSongwriter.Com. It has been very helpful. We need the singers and the singers need the songs. Great partnership. Blessings to you all. Psalm 40:3

Fawn Jacobs

I have been privileged to be a part of GospelSongwriter.Com for several years. My participation with the artists through GospelSongwriter.Com has led to many cuts. I am convinced my cuts that came through this participation led to my signing as a published writer with a company here in Nashville. Over the years, I have had cuts from over 15 groups through GospelSongwriter.Com with some of the songs released to radio and two of them performed at the National Quartet Convention. Rykert Trio, Men of Cornerstone, MasterPeace Quartet, The Padgetts, Terry Shealy, God’s Toolbox Quartet, Torchmen Quartet, 3rd Row Boys, Common Bond Quartet, GloryBound, Souls Harbor, Dignity Quartet, Decision Trio, and For Heaven’s Sake.

Gene Ezell

I am so blessed to be a part of GospelSongwriter.Com. Many of my songs have been recorded and/or performed in concerts across the country by artists connecting with me via the leads GSC has provided. What a blessing it is to be at a concert, convention, or just driving down the road and hear one of my songs being performed. Thanks, Mickey Mixon, for helping songwriters, like myself, have a few dreams come true. Praying God will continue to bless this ministry in a mighty way.

William D. Creech

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