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Rose of Sharen Productions

Do you need custom music tracks to record and/or perform with? Quality and affordability, no one does it better than Sharen Alexander. Please tell her Mickey sent you.

Emcee Pro

Do you sing with music tracks for accompaniment and need something to play your tracks with? Mickey gladly refers you to an amazing software for your computer, it’s called Emcee Pro. He uses it on his laptop when he sings, and believes it’s a tool you will appreciate and benefit from. Visit the Testify Software website to learn more about this amazing software. And please be sure to tell them Mickey sent you.

Petree Demo Service

Do you need a demo produced of your song? Larry Petree is an award-winning Gospel songwriter who supplements his income via his demo service. You can feel confident Larry understands your need for a quality demo. Be sure to tell him Mickey sent you.