This page shares information about our G-team membership rules and regulations so please read it all carefully as you will be obligated if your membership is approved.

By submitting your application you confirm you read all the information provided on this page, and you accept and agree to abide by it.

Failure to abide by our rules and regulations is cause for membership suspension, cancellation and possible debarment, with or without notice.

Our rules and regulations are subject to change and will be posted on this page, so please revisit this page at least occasionally.

This Ministry

There are places on this page that GospelSongwriter.Com, Mickey Mixon, Mixon Ministries, the G-team and our staff are collectively referred to as “This Ministry”.


All memberships, services, materials, events and content in and/or related to GospelSongwriter.Com are subject to the rules, regulations and management of “This Ministry”.

Membership is managed by our administrator, Mickey Mixon. He retains all and full rights to approve, disapprove, suspend, cancel, disbar, and administrate all memberships regardless of applicant’s gender, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, status, opinion, etc.


G-team membership is not for music publishers.

You may join if you own your own publishing, however, if you publish songs by other writers you may not use our eLeads for their songs. You are prohibited from using our eLeads for their songs.

You may use our eLeads if your songs are with a publishing company but you are prohibited from sharing our eLeads with that or any publisher.

Your membership will be automatically canceled, with or without notice, if you violate this rule.

Use & Share

We respect our writers and are careful about their songs, contact information, etc., but "This Ministry" is designed for networking thus we use and share what our writers provide in order to assist in our promotions and generating opportunities for them.

If you are approved, your membership automatically grants "This Ministry" permission and a nonexclusive right to use and share your name, likeness, contact information, songs, and such like, with those who use our website, materials, in our events, advertising, promotions, etc.

By becoming a G-team member you are granting “This Ministry” permission and a nonexclusive right to provide, share and display your information, songs, pictures, any likeness or content for our use and promotion, as well as refer to and/or use in any advertising, events, e-mails, websites, media, networking, etc.

Your photo, songs, contact information, etc. may or may not be used in our advertising, events, or any format we may or may not choose for promotion.

Any photo, song, comment, reply, info, data, etc. you submit to "This Ministry" via e-mail, postal mail, internet, phone, in person, etc. may or may not be shared and used by "This Ministry" anytime and in any format for any reason.


Submitting songs, lyrics, audio, photos, contact info, or any such like, to our singers that is not personally yours is strictly prohibited.

If you are granted membership, you promise and confirm you will only share what is personally yours.

Obvious Gospel

The songs you submit to our singers must be Obvious Gospel.

We promote the Gospel, not music that is borderline or hints at the Gospel. Your lyrics must include the Christian vernacular.

We understand evangelism and trying to reach people with the music more so than the message, but that's not what this ministry is about. The message comes first.

If you disagree then, sorry, we can't help you, please don't apply for membership.


Songs submitted to our singers must be Obvious Gospel.

Secular songs are strictly prohibited.

Submitting secular songs is automatic cause for membership suspension, cancellation and possible disbarment, with or without notice.

Our singers are here for Gospel music not secular. "This Ministry" takes this regulation very seriously.

Thus the name of this site: GospelSongwriter.Com


Membership is not available for cowriters.

While you may cowrite with other writers, each of our writers have their own membership.

Your cowriter may apply for membership but cowriters may not apply for membership together.

Coauthored Songs

You may pitch songs you coauthored as long as you have the coauthor's permission and the coauthor is clearly aware you are doing so.

You must explain and the coauthor must understand that “This Ministry” has no obligation, legal or otherwise, to the coauthor.

Sharing eLeads

eLeads are intended for G-team members only. Sharing is strictly prohibited.

Your membership can be automatically suspended or canceled and you could be disbarred, with or without notice, if you violate this rule.

Email Address

Third-party email addresses are prohibited.

Every member must have and use his/her own email address.

You can expect to be contacted by “This Ministry” if your email address is suspect or includes content that might suggest it isn’t your personal email address.

Members must have an email address that is not related to their employment, business, school or such like. We have had problems in the past with such. Some employers don't appreciate us emailing their employee at work; thus, this rule. You can have a separate email address just for this service if you wish.

Approved E-mail Sender

We don't grant G-team membership to writers who require us to be pre-approved to send them e-mail. We understand Spam control and such but being pre-approved isn't practical for this service.

Your application will be automatically rejected, without notification of any kind, should you require pre-approval.

The singers who use our service don't have the time nor desire to be pre-approved in order to contact you about your songs.


Membership application information must be kept updated with “This Ministry” at all times, especially member's phone number and email address.

Failure to do so is cause for membership suspension, cancellation or disbarment, with or without notice.

No Solicitation

Business, product or service solicitation is prohibited between our writers and singers. That isn't what this ministry is for.

Violation of this rule is automatic cause for suspension, cancellation or disbarment, with or without notice.

Note: We are serious about this rule.


“This Ministry” cannot be and will not be liable, legal or otherwise, for any possible copyright infringement in any form nor for any reason.

“This Ministry” cannot be and will not be liable for any royalties for any songs or lyrics employed by our singers or used in any of our events, promotions, ads, etc.

Copyright and royalty issues are the responsibilities of the liable G-team member.

“This Ministry” cannot be and will not be liable for internet connection issues or any content that may be interrupted, lost or deleted due to internet, server and/or email issues.


Our administrator, Mickey Mixon, believes G-team members reflect on “This Ministry” thus he appreciates all members conducting themselves in a professional, Christian manner especially when utilizing "This Ministry" and dealing with our staff, writers and singers.

To do otherwise is cause for membership suspension, cancellation or disbarment, with or without notice.

Demo Requirements

If your membership application is approved you will then be required to email a demo/sample of your writing to our administrator, Mickey.

You will need to include song lyrics.

Your song's demo/audio must include at least one vocalist and one instrument. Our singers need to be able to hear someone singing your song.

The instrument (piano or guitar) will help them hear your song's melody, harmony and chord progression.

Acappella isn't acceptable.

Note: While your demo doesn't have to be professionally produced it does need to be audibly clear.

Mickey will email you more information about how to submit your demo.

Our demo review requirement helps Mickey...
1) get acquainted with you
2) know you are serious about G-team membership
3) filter out people and companies that are not eligible for membership
4) test to see if you pay attention to detail and follow rules and regulations
5) test to see if you are a team-player or just doing things your own way

Note: You automatically disqualify yourself and your membership application if you fail to submit according to our demo requirements. Several applicants have been denied membership because they forgot or chose not to submit accordingly. Mickey is serious about these requirements so please don't submit for membership if you prefer not to submit per our guidelines.


You will also be required to email your most recent photo, of you by yourself.


Mickey will discretely delete your demo, lyrics and photo after he completes his review of them.

The Gift

We are only interested in serving Christians who truly have the Gift to write Gospel songs. Some people believe and proclaim they have the Gift only later to realize they don’t have it, they misunderstood a “song from the heart” to mean they had the talent to write a song. And they wasted a lot of time, energy and expense they could have invested in the ministry they are truly Called to and could have been successful exercising therein instead of pursuing a ministry they aren't qualified for.

Because of this misunderstanding and because the singers who use this website insist on receiving songs from truly gifted songwriters this is yet another reason why applicants are required to submit a song demo for review.

Although Mickey has been a songwriter teacher and coach since 1988 and can often perceive if someone truly has the Gift simply by listening to a song and/or reading the lyrics, he is cognitive of the fact that some people are new to the songwriting ministry and are just becoming aware they are Called to write but have yet to develop in their talent, so he is cautious about rushing to an incorrect conclusion. You can expect him to be honest and fair in his judgment.

If he believes you don’t have the Gift or if you seem to be too new to the craft of writing or undeveloped then he will indicate that he doesn’t believe he will be able to help you place your songs via this ministry; which is a good thing as it will save you a lot of time and investment as well as rejection from singers.


You must submit a G-team application (below) which requires your name, contact information and other pertinent information for membership consideration.

You must include your first and last name. Initials are prohibited and will automatically disqualify your application.

Upon clicking the Application Submit Button, within our application form, your application will be automatically emailed to our office for review and processing.

Please allow up to 14 business days for reply, it usually doesn't take that long but we allow for 14 days in case there are internet problems or Mickey is out of the office or he is processing a large number of applications, etc.

Sentence Casing

When typing information into your G-team application please use regular sentence casing. Please don’t capitalize every letter you type into your application.


Mickey requires regular sentence casing. Obviously, email and website addresses need to be in lowercase letters.

Replying to Mickey

This website is about communicating and networking. Our administrator, Mickey, stays in constant contact with the singers and songwriters who use this ministry.

One of the obligations of G-team members is to reply to Mickey when he personally contacts them (for whatever reason) be it via phone, fax, email, postal mail, or whichever form of communication he chooses.

Deliberate failure to reply to Mickey is automatic grounds for membership cancellation with or without notification. The exemption is illness and emergencies that may prevent reply.

We are firm about this regulation.

Membership Application

So, do you still want to be a G-team member?

Do you agree to and accept our rules and regulations?

NOTE: G-team application must be submitted by the writer interested in membership, not by a family member nor friend nor office personal nor anyone else. Application submitted by anyone other than the writer is invalid and will be declined and deleted with or without reply. Thank you.

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