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1) You fill-in and submit the Song Search Request Form (below)
2) We receive it, edit it if need be, and email it to our writers
3) Our writers receive it and email you songs

We serve Southern Gospel, Country Gospel, and Bluegrass Gospel, and some Lite Contemporary Gospel. We don't serve other styles because we don’t have writers or connections in those genres.

If you prefer, you may request songs via a CD, from our writers, after they contact you, but most only submit songs via e-mail.

If our administrator has any questions for you he will contact you via email or your phone number.

By submitting your request you are granting permission for our office and our writers to contact you and submit songs. Our office and our writers may or may not keep record of your contact information. Your email address may or may not be added to the GospelSongwriter.Com Artist email list.

Song Search is for Singers only. It isn't for writers, publishers, producers, managers, publicists, record companies, etc. Such submissions are rejected, without reply.

Singers must submit their own Song Search request. Submissions on behalf of a singer will be rejected, without reply.

Name: In the name fields of our form, below, please include your First and Last name if you are a soloist. Your request will Not be accepted if it doesn't include your name or if you use initials.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you.
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