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Song Search is for Singers only. It isn’t for writers, publishers, producers, managers, publicists, record companies, etc. Such submissions are rejected, without reply.

We serve most styles of Gospel music including and particularly Southern Gospel, Country Gospel, Bluegrass Gospel, Black Gospel, and Contemporary Gospel. Our focus and goal is to help propagate the “Gospel” of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

While our Song Search form provides a field that indicates your primary style, some of our writers write more than one style. As you know, many songs can be arranged to fit most styles depending on the selection of instrumentation, vocalization and production. Our writers may send you a song demonstration that may not sound exactly like your primary style, or any style you may request, but they do so believing you will use your artistic acumen to decide if the song is suitable for your need no matter what style their song demo may sound like. Of course, you have the right to accept or reject any song sent to you, it’s your choice.

If you prefer, you may request songs via CD, from our writers, after they contact you. However, most only submit songs via email.

If our administrator has any questions for you he will contact you via email or your phone number.

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Singers must submit their own Song Search request. Submissions on behalf of a singer will be rejected, without reply.

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