Are you a Gospel singer looking for Gospel songs to record? We can help connect you with the source, Gospel songwriters.

We have 2 options, our Songwriters Directory and our Song Search service. After reading the information, below, please be sure to read our Terms of Service.

1) Songwriters Directory:

We have a team of Gospel songwriters. You can hear some of their songs and personally contact them via their Demo Pages which are listed and hyperlinked in our Songwriters Directory. You have free access, enter here.

2) Song Search:

Song Search is free and as easy as one, two, three, [1] you complete and submit our Song Search Request Form and [2] we provide your request to our team of writers and [3] our writers email their songs to you per the info you submit via our form.

Bonus: If you have a website or webpage, and provide the web address, we will hyperlink your site/page inside our Singers Directory. Our writers have access to our Singers Directory and learn about and pitch songs to the singers via their site/page listed therein. This is also handy for new writers who join our team.

Note: All you need is a site/page that displays a photo and some info about you and a sample of you singing (audio or video). You can request to be removed from our Singers Directory at any time.

Access Song Search Form Here

Also, you can go here if you do not have a website or webpage but would like to know how to obtain one.