Single Song Mentoring

It’s simple, here’s how it works…

You place your Single Song Mentorship order via our PayPal order page. Mickey will email you confirming he received your order. After receiving his confirmation you will then email him your song, to the email address he will provide, and as per the song submission description below.

When Mickey receives your song he will examine the overall structure, lyric, melody, rhyme, meter, cadence, etc. Then, he will respectfully and honestly share what he believes to be the strengths and weaknesses of your song as well as provide suggestions that will assist you in developing your craft and rewriting your song should you chose to rewrite. Mickey encourages all his mentees to rewrite their songs when needed.

Mickey will submit his review to you via a scheduled phone call or smartphone audio text or email.

Mickey provides one, Free follow-up correspondence for Q&A and clarity regarding his review of your song. Additional follow-up is available for $25 per song per follow-up.

For security reasons, after his review, Mickey will delete your song from his computer. He provides his service in Good Faith and will not be legally liable for faulty email or internet services nor any possible copyright infringements, etc. He takes his ministry and mentoring service very seriously and his goal is to be cautious and a blessing.

If you are interested, please read and submit per the following…

Cost: $50 per song (USD).

MP3: If your song includes an audio recording it is preferable that you email it via the MP3 format. WAV format is acceptable but MP3 is better.

Body: Attach your audio but place the lyric/words of your song inside the body of the email. Do not attach lyrics to the email but place them inside the body of the email. Mickey does not and will not open attached lyrics.

Lyric: Mickey also offers lyric reviews, so if you are only a lyricist or are more focused on lyrics than melody and do not have an audio recording of your song, he can help. You need to inform him of such, as he normally receives a demo of the words and music audio.

Include: Please include your Name and Phone Number in the body of the email.

One: Mickey only reviews one song at time. You may submit multiple orders but one at a time, after the previous song review has been completed.

Arrival: Please allow up to 14 business days for Mickey’s review to arrive. He strives to send reviews sooner but allows 14 business days in case he is busy with other reviews. While he strives to be prompt he does not like to rush through reviews. The more time he can spend examining your song the more valuable information he can provide you.

Mail: If you cannot or prefer not to submit your song review order via the internet you may inform Mickey via our Contact page and he will email you instructions per how to submit via the USPS.

Refund: Mickey does not provide refunds so please be sure before placing your order.

Order: Please use our PayPal Buy Now button (below) to place your Single Song Mentoring order. Thanks.