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songwriter | GospelSongwriter.Com

Currently we are not accepting new writers due to Covid-19 and the Social Distancing politicians are forcing on churches and concert promoters. Many Gospel singers have placed their ministries on hold and are not performing or recording thus our leads are few. Please check back after the Presidential Elections, we feel sure the virus will magically disappear afterwards. Thanks.

Are you a “Gospel” songwriter? Would you like to connect with the singers who use GospelSongwriter.Com to receive songs? We have connected hundreds of Gospel singers with hundreds of Gospel songwriters and we can connect you, too, if you qualify.

Below, we provide information that explains how our service and membership work. However, before you read that information there are 5 things you need to know.

1. Ineligible

Record producers, managers, publishing companies, record companies, recording studios, or any such like are ineligible for membership.

We do not serve lyricists or composers only songwriters, those who write both the lyric and melody of the song. Our singers need a complete song not just a lyric or just a melody.

We only serve Gospel songwriters who are citizens of and reside in the United States of America. International music laws vary and we have no knowledge of the laws of other Countries so we only work with writers within the USA.

2. Styles

Normally, the singers who use our service request the following Gospel music styles: Southern Gospel, Country Gospel, Bluegrass Gospel, and Lite Contemporary Gospel. We hardly ever receive a request for any other styles.

3. English Language

Membership is only available for Gospel songwriters who are fluent in the English language.

Our staff and the singers who use GospelSongwriter.Com speak English and are not multilingual, thus membership is only available for Gospel songwriters who speak and write fluent English.

4. Demo / MP3

You will need to have at least 3 of your original Gospel songs ready to submit for our review via an audio demonstration, in the MP3 format.

5. Membership Fee

There is a membership fee.

$9.00 per month (USD)

We only accept credit or debit cards, via our PayPal account. More information is available upon membership approval.

How It Works

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 …

1) Singers submit a request for songs

2) We receive that request and email it to our writers

3) Our writers email their songs to the singers per the request

Our writers and singers take it from there. We just help make the connection, via our website and marketing efforts.

That was brief description, now here are some details…


Gospel songwriters, who become part of this ministry, are recognized as team members. We refer to our team of writers as the G-team. We call it the G-team because, as a team, we use GospelSongwriter.Com and our G-team membership to help dispense our Gospel songs. Also, we have a common goal and desire to glorify Jesus Christ via our songs; as well as to provide Gospel music to Gospel singers for the Gospel community and ministry, and for the purpose of propagating the Gospel.


G-team members benefit 2 ways, via our Song Search service and our Singers Directory.

Song Search

Singers, be they soloists, duets, trios, quartets, etc., go to our Singer page, they enter our Song Search submission form and complete and submit the form. They use Song Search to request songs from our writers.

The form inquires of the singer’s name, email address, primary music style, and other pertinent information which is helpful to our writers. Our administrator, Mickey Mixon, receives and reviews the submission and if he approves it he emails a copy of it to each of our writers as a G-team Lead. Our writers receive and review the information contained in the lead and decide whether or not to email songs to that singer.

Unless there is some type of issue that requires Mickey’s attention he usually just lets the singers and songwriters work together without him, he does not get involved, he just helps make the connection.


Now we share information about how you can be considered for G-team membership.

Terms of Service

One of the first things you need to do, if you have not already, is read our Terms of Service. You can find a link to our Terms page in the menu, above, at the top of this page.

Read it carefully, as you will be fully obligating yourself to our terms, if you are approved for membership.


This ministry is called GospelSongwriter.Com because we focus on the Gospel in song, not secular songs.

We serve Gospel songwriters who write Gospel songs, songs that contain the Gospel and Christian vernacular. Songs that focus on promoting Jesus Christ, the Gospel, and the Christian life.

Our singers are looking for Gospel songs, not secular songs nor “clean” nor “positive” songs, nor songs that are labeled Gospel but have a weak, watered-down attempt at delivering the Gospel message.

So, one of the first qualifications is, you need to be a Gospel songwriter.

Obvious Gospel

If approved for membership, the songs you submit to our singers must be Obvious Gospel. The lyrics of the songs you submit must include the Gospel and Christian vernacular. Failure to do so is automatic cause for membership suspension, cancellation and possible disbarment, with or without notification.


Pitching secular songs (non-Gospel) to our singers is strictly prohibited.

Submitting secular songs is automatic cause for membership suspension, cancellation and possible disbarment, with or without notification.


If you are a publisher and have your own publishing company and publish your own songs then you may apply for membership.

However, you are not eligible for membership if you publish and pitch the songs of other writers. G-team membership is for songwriters not publishing companies. Our website, labor and budget are not provided in order to support and make money for publishers.

You may apply for membership if your songs are contracted with a publishing company. However, if you are approved for membership you are prohibited from sharing any and all G-team benefits with that or any publisher.

Application Submission

You must submit a G-team application which requires your name, contact information and other pertinent information for membership consideration.

You must include your first and last name. Initials are prohibited and will automatically disqualify your application.

Upon clicking the Application Submit Button, within our application form, your application will be automatically emailed to our office for review and processing.

Please allow up to 14 business days for our reply, it usually does not take that long but we allow for 14 days in case there are internet problems or we are out of the office or processing other applications, etc.

Sentence Casing

When typing information into your G-team application please use regular sentence casing.

Please do not capitalize every letter you type into your application.


We require regular sentence casing. Obviously, email and website addresses need to be in lowercase letters.

Email Address

1. Third-party email addresses are prohibited.

2. Every G-team member must have and use his/her own email address.

3. You can expect to be contacted by Mickey if your email address is suspect or includes content that might suggest it is not your personal email address. He will require clarification.

4. Members must have an email address that is “not” related to their employment, business, school or such like. We have had problems in the past with such. Some employers do not appreciate us emailing their employee at work; thus, this rule. You can have a separate email address just for this service if you wish.

5. AOL email addresses do not qualify. We have had too many issues with AOL because of their stringent and counterproductive spam control.

Approved Email Sender

We do not grant G-team membership to writers who require Mickey, this ministry and our singers to be preapproved in order to send email. We understand and appreciate Spam control but being preapproved is not practical for this service.

The singers who use GospelSongwriter.Com do not have the time nor desire to be preapproved in order to contact you about your songs.

Requiring preapproval is counterproductive. If you wish to maintain strict spam control on your current email address then you may consider creating an additional, separate email address, which does not require such stringent control, for the purpose of working with this ministry and our singers.

Note: Your application will be automatically rejected, without notification of any kind, should you require preapproval.


Membership application information must be kept updated with this ministry at all times, especially your phone number and email address.

Failure to do so is cause for membership suspension, cancellation or disbarment, with or without notification.

Applicant Demonstration

If your application qualifies per the first portion of his review you will then be required to submit an Applicant Demo to Mickey. He will email you instructions regarding how, when and where to submit your demo.

Note: The audio of your demo will need to be in MP3 format. If you do not have a demo of your songs, or have them in MP3, then please contact Mickey and let him know. He will share information about what you need to do. He cannot complete the review without your applicant demo.


Dual membership is not available for cowriters.

While you may cowrite with other writers, each of our writers have their own G-team membership.

If he or she qualifies, your cowriter may apply for membership but cowriters may not apply for membership together.

Coauthored Songs

You may pitch songs you coauthored as long as (1) you have the coauthor’s permission, (2) you make the coauthor clearly aware you are pitching your coauthored songs to our singers and (3) you explain, and the coauthor clearly understands that, Mickey, his staff and this ministry has no obligation, legal or otherwise, to the coauthor.

Sharing Prohibited

G-team benefits are for our members only.

Sharing benefits is strictly prohibited.

Your membership can be automatically suspended or canceled and you could be disbarred, with or without notification, if you violate this rule.


Submitting songs, lyrics, audio, video, photos, contact info, or any such like to Mickey or our singers, that is not personally yours is strictly prohibited.

If you are granted membership, you promise and confirm you will only share what is personally yours.


GospelSongwriter.Com is about communicating and networking. As the administrator, Mickey stays in regular contact, via email and sometimes phone, with the singers and songwriters who use this ministry.

Mickey expects and requires G-team members to reply to him when he contacts them. Failure to reply may mean a G-team member is ill or incapacitated in some way. This is important information we need to be aware when and as soon as possible.

G-team members can be, and have been, dismissed for not replying. Mickey is very serious about this requirement.


As the administrator of this ministry, Mickey retains all and full rights to approve, disapprove, suspend, cancel, disbar, and administrate all memberships regardless of applicant’s gender, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, status, opinion, etc.


We believe the conduct of G-team members reflect on Mickey, our staff and this ministry thus we appreciate all members conducting themselves in a professional and Christian manner especially when utilizing this ministry and dealing with our staff, singers and other G-team members. To do otherwise is cause for membership suspension, cancellation or disbarment, with or without notification.


Songwriters must personally apply for membership. Family and friends may not apply on behalf of a songwriter. We work directly with the writer.

By submitting your G-team application you are confirming you (1) read our general Terms of Service and (2) all the information provided on this page and that (3) you accept and agree to be obligated to and abide by the terms, requirements and leadership of this ministry

Note: Our terms are subject to change and will be posted.

Submit Application

So, do you still want to be a G-team member? Then contact Mickey, via our G-team Application Form (link below) and request a link to our G-team application. Mickey will email the link to you. The extra step of requesting a link to our application page is for security and evaluation purposes.

Feel free to inquire if you need any clarification about our service and membership. Thanks and God bless you.

Access our G-team Application Form here.