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Are you a “Gospel” songwriter?
Would you like to connect with our singers?
Then a G-team membership might be right for you.

G-team isn’t a publishing company but rather a song acquisition service, which has successfully connected hundreds of Gospel songwriters with hundreds of Gospel singers since 1999. And we can connect you, too, if you qualify.

Below, we share information about what the G-team is, the benefit of G-team membership, how it works and how to apply for membership, so be sure to read everything thoroughly.

10 Things

There are 10 things you need to know before reading about and applying for G-team membership…

1) Although we do not require a portion of royalties nor copyright ownership, this is a paid service. It’s affordable but it is a paid service.

2) We serve most styles of Gospel music including and particularly Southern Gospel, Country Gospel, Bluegrass Gospel, Black Gospel, and Contemporary Gospel. We do not serve heavy hip hop, rap or any style that is gangster, metal, dark, or extremely progressive because we do not have connections in those styled industries.

3) We serve “Gospel” music only, not secular music nor “clean” nor “positive” music, nor music that is labeled Gospel but has a weak, watered-down attempt at delivering the Gospel message. We are only interested in serving Christian, Gospel songwriters, those who focus on propagating the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ via song.

4) Songwriters must personally apply for membership. Family and friends may not apply on behalf of a songwriter. We work directly with the writer.

5) You must have written at least five (5) original Gospel songs. You must be the sole writer and they must be ready for submission (demo ready).

6) Membership is only available for Gospel songwriters who are fluent in the English language. Our staff and most of our artists are not multilingual thus membership is only available to Gospel songwriters who speak fluent English.

7) Membership is not available for company staff writers nor music publishers, producers, managers, record companies, recording studios, or any such like.

8) Membership is not available for poets, lyricists or composers, only songwriters. Enter Here if you are a Poet or Enter Here if you are a Lyricist or Composer.

9) Members are required and expected to adhere to all of our rules, regulations and terms of service at all times.

10) We send a lot of e-mail to our members. There’s no need to apply if you aren’t willing to receive a lot of e-mail from us.


G-team is part of the song acquisition service offered through GospelSongwriter.Com (GSC) and is managed by our administrator Mickey Mixon.

G-team is the name of our group of Gospel songwriters, who are members of this service.

We use the name G-team because we consider ourselves a team, a team that uses GSC and our G-team membership to help dispense our Gospel songs. We have a common goal and desire to glorify Jesus Christ via our songs, provide Gospel music to Gospel singers for the Gospel community and ministry, and to propagate the Gospel.


G-team members benefit by receiving leads informing them of singers who are looking for songs to review for possible employment (recording and/or performance).

Here’s how it works. A singer submits a request for songs via the GSC Song Search submission form. Our administrator, Mickey, receives and reviews the request. If he approves it he then processes and emails the request to our members as a lead (eLead). Our members receive the eLead and then email their songs to the singer according to the information the singer submits, which includes the singer’s name, email address and other pertinent information members may use to help determine if they wish to submit their songs to the singer.

The lead submitted to our members is referred to as an eLead because it is sent electronically, via email.

Membership Fee

$9.99 per month.

The membership fee is due monthly, recurring, via credit card.

We use PayPal which automatically deducts from the card each month.

The fee is firm and we accept no other form of payment.

Refund Policy

Sorry, No Refunds.

Service begins immediately upon membership approval, and membership fees help meet monthly expenses. Thus, we have a no refund policy.


You may cancel your membership anytime.

Your card will be debited monthly per the date you signup via our GSC PayPal account, and cancellation should be “Ten Business Days” before your card is scheduled to be debited.

You would simply contact Mickey and let him know you want to cancel and he will initiate the cancellation process. But, again, it needs to be 10 days before your card is debited, as we have a no refund policy.


One of the ways Mickey gauges if a writer is compatible with the G-team service is if the writer pays attention and adheres to instructions. Mickey words things a certain way and asks questions in a way that may not seem obvious but reveals information he can use to help him decide whether or not to approve a writer for G-team membership. The information yielded is not only for Mickey but also assists in making GSC a pleasurable and prolific experience for the singers who use our service.

Rules & Regulations

Are you still interested in G-team membership?

Go Here to read our rules and regulations. Then you may submit your G-team membership application. Thanks.